It does not take many to light a fire, it only takes ONE.

On June 26, 2015, I with my fellow team mate at Generation Enterprise, Shania Silva and my two awesome genius friends, Dorbraye and Ifeoma (independent social innovators) were fortunate to attend the inaugural Lagos Social Change Summit hosted by the Co-Creation Hub in conjunction  with Omidyar Network.

You might ask, what is so special about this? I tell you, a lot is. Attending this summit was the beginning of a new sight for African innovation. It was a new vision for me.

I often thought there was little hope for Africa, or worse Nigeria but on this fateful date my belief was renewed.

The Altar, Lagos Social Change Summit 2015,
The Altar, Lagos Social Change Summit 2015,

Seating in the front row, listening to creative geniuses and social enterprise heroes giving pulsating remarks to long-existing questions of how the African masterpiece can become the true beacon of light it was predestined to be.

One cannot, if later but not now forget the mind-whiffing speech or rather conversation by Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, her words of wisdom were apt to the soul and mind.

She beautifully delivered sweet revolutionary melodies to my ears and cautioned my fellow youth compatriots on the power of Togetherness.

I choose to end my quite long chatter with a fitting summary, using the ingenious analogy spoken by Mr. Tunji Lardner. He creatively defined our present eco-system as a computer system: Four key components make this computer functional and beneficial.

1.The Hardware (This is good, and can take a lot of workload)

2. The Operating System (This is so inefficient and incapable of produce functional output, therefore needs an upgrade)

3. The Software Applications (Not the best that can be; definitely needs to be more resourceful and interactive)

4. The Userware/Peopleware (Attitude to usage and progressive care cannot be overstated).

Please note, the Nigerian eco-system (probably the entire African society) needs to be hacked by the best set of benevolent (white hat) hackers, who will in turn upgrade the OS (operating system); create an environment for which engaging and value-adding software apps can be developed by any person – with no bias; and a user-friendly product for the common user, who by continuous interaction will be co-creators of the new Naija Gadget, that even its global counterparts will envy and find as a fellow worthy collaborator.

One thing, if it was only one thing I learnt from this day, June 26 2015 is that: “nothing can beat the power of ONE, made by all”.

Social innovation and development is job for everyone, not some. We all need each other to keep the eco-system functioning, therefore no one is of less importance, no one!

Credits to Femi Longe (co-founder, CCHub), as he inspired the birth of this blog while he moderated the “Social Innovator” session. By the way, the Co-Creation Hub is a Tech-Innovation Haven which all eyes and minds must witness while alive on earth, so fellas take time out to visit. Yeske!


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