The age of the digital economy is visible to us daily. Large parts of North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific are delving deep into the luring digital consumerism culture, that one could say is making the world go round.

Customers are constantly yearning for more attention from brands. They sub-consciously expect brands to engage them in their every actions and thoughts. Some say this is the avenue by which, the customer remains KING.


Brands on the other hand are not relenting as well in keeping up with with their new found tasks. Several companies, large and small are new bringing their respective products or services to their customers via digital platforms, as against the traditional means of “now open, now closed”  literature.

Interestingly, brands are not putting any cap on what they are offering – “the gloves are on”.SEP14-0819-COLUMN-ANALYSTWATCH Customers want business brands to go the extra-mile in wooing them, brand evangelism seems not to be enough any longer, it is imperative for emerging and main-stay brands to provide consistent digital brand experiences for every unique customer. Brands will certainly have to ‘break an arm and/or leg’ until they hear the customer say: Can I have some more?

Are you asking how?

If there is anything brands have learnt in the past decade, it must be the reasoning that: “you must always be ahead of demand [in the game]”. Innovation is no more a paper sketch and a boss coughing orders, it is the deployment of visible and pragmatic solutions that captivates the consumer off his/her sofa or bed to make a purchase or visit your store.

digital experience touchpoints

No customer wants to be in queue, so initiate a digital queuing system or queue ticketing as most telecom experience centers do in Lagos.

No customer wants to battle you for cash change, so initiate a offline tab receipt or an online money relay schedule (that is, a strategy/tool that allows you to keep a customer’s cash change for a specific timeline, maybe of not more than a week or whatever agreement with the customer after initial transaction. After which the cash change will be relayed to the customer via mobile money means (you don’t need the customer’s bank account details) and therefore reducing customer-cashier hassles and encouraging trust.

No customer wants to hear: our electricity transformer is bad. Chai! get an inverter or rechargeable lamps or rechargeable fans or a laptop computer or a generator, whatever you do get your power problems fixed.

GCCblog_digitalexperienceMost of all, every customer wants to know you beyond your poster figure – so think differently, invite your customers over and let them get an open house experience. Send emails. Post a gift ad to be given to 10th visitor at your store.

How will they hear about it?  

Know where your customers spend their time.

Largely, consumers are in front of their computers, TVs or some odd place with their mobile devices either pinging or viewing that awesome video content.

Be it social media or electronic media or even the print media, find a way to engage the market with your brand, and do it DIGITALLY.


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