If you are named Bolaji and you are male, please pardon my allegory.

Borrowed from the recent musical composition of “It’s Over” by Nigeria’s rising RnB/Soul Diva, Aramide I just had to send out this note of warning to my fellow bros, those I have chosen to tag as the Bo.la.jis.


So, who the darn is a Bolaji?

You got game? You can smooth-talk your way from the clutches of the Devil (especially, if he does wear Prada)? Nick-named “maradona”?  ..c’mon you should know what I am getting at.

So, these kinda guys called “bolajis” are actually irresistible, good looking dudes who make a living in ‘breaking into’ the love nest of sweet and blossoming ladies – the ones every colloquial Christian brother has been fasting and praying for as a wife.

But on a serious note, these kinda guys enjoy raping a woman’s heart and harassing their minds too by turning the woman’s heart into a common kitchen door – tossing with it as they desire. They actually muscle enough swag and cockiness to tell her: “it’s over” and they always find a way back to their hearts the next couple of months like they had merely gone for a camp retreat and once again say: “it’s over” (usually after a couple of sex and when the girl finds the text message from the other girl).


Frankly speaking, this shouldn’t be my business. I am not a woman nor a Saint. I guessed I might have broken a few hearts too, unknowingly. But I have never made it a profession to hunt down the best of ladies in town, secure their trust ‘up and below’ and break it off like cashing out on a fixed deposit. What really makes this awful


I think and know that it is unfair. Unfair for anyone to exploit another person for the benefit of boosting one’s ego or proving a point.

Too many modern-day ladies are losing faith in their men. They now say, all guys are cheats! I once overheard a lady saying that “All men are not worth waiting upon, once they start making good money they dump yo’ booty for a new one”. As a guy I have no comment to that but I can assure you that like a lady, a man too is human.


But don’t go thinking a “Bo.la.Ji” is just a guy. Nope, it’s both male and female. It represents anyone who makes it joyful hobby to ‘daylight-rob’ unsuspecting victims of true love. Those who realized in their hearts early that they have no connection with their lovers, but choose to exploit the other party [so badly, that the other person has committed 102% to the affair] and then they suddenly drop the mic after saying these few lines: “I ain’t good enough for you babe, it’s not you, but me”.


…and we’ll live purplly ever after.


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