It is always surprising how young people sometimes called millennials have embraced the notion that “work is fun” and “running your own thing is the BIG thing”.

That’s all crap to me…now.

Read a sad post on a popular online tech journal in Lagos on the planned closure of a seemingly impressive incubator/co-working hub in Zimbabwe, Hypercube hub. This news definitely reminded me of my earlier thoughts on the reality of running a business in Africa, especially a Startup.

It is clear that millennials often preach hard work, fun or creative workspaces but all that don’t end up with funds.

The future of entrepreneurship can only be sustained by three things:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Continuous research development
  3. Focused iteration

It means many startups, including incubators will need take every business step with caution. As much as I believe in building fun companies that solve remarkable market problems, I still think it is important for entrepreneurs to focus on the bottom-line and be frugal for the first 8 months of inception or market testing.

Hypercube Hub will be missed but I do believe they have sparked a thought i once held of modern startups of being wasteful and deep in showboating than being quiet but build a strong business base for at least 3 – 5 years, after which they can then shake the world with their wonders.


Remember this, noise is just noise it really can’t be taken serious or remembered and anything not taken seriously might never get investments – from funders or even users.

…and we’ll live purplly ever after.



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