For some who still don’t know, work got officially resumed today all over Lagos although very few organizations and institutions are yet to resume full working activities.

For me, it was awesome seeing my delectable boss again and I was strangely happy to be back on the chopping elm – it is always awesome to get my hands dirty.

Sadly, as usual in Africa bad customer service and service delivery efficiency is still a common craze this year.

First, it was my Internet Service Provider, Spectranet who constantly enjoyed ringing my phone to remind me of my about-to-expire subscription but never for a half of once, attempt to even send an sms to apologize for their frustrating network that only connects at close to 1am ( I only wonder if the secret of their internet is from some powers beyond).

Who can forget how Jumia duped me with their Alcatel pixi 3 (4) phone – that if given to a 5 year old as a toy would be rejected by the kid. I am definitely not buying ‘nathing ‘ from Jumia EVER!

Diamond Bank is now on that bandwagon too. The Bank is a shadow of itself. Lost and valueless the Bank has lost the pride of customer/User experience.

They managed to foil my rosy monday as they denied me from accessing my own money and buying a new phone to counter the Jumia Nigeria Scam done to hurt me last year.

The Bank urgently needs a new “Market/User Interaction Officer” to help them compete where it is necessary.

Lesson learned today: I can be better today than I am today.

Don’t  break your head nor hands if you fail to meet up to expectations now, simply remember:Never stop trying!


…and we’ll live purplly ever after.






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