DomainKing.NG, Nigeria’s leading domain registrar and web hosting company is offering yet another deal as they launched a campaign today called: “Get Online with .NG domain for Nigerian Business”. They are offering 10% discounts on all .NG domains that you register with them till the end of January.

By using the coupon DKNGCabal you can register your .com.ng domain for just N1530 and .NG domain for N13,500. The actual prices of .com.ng is N1700 and .NG domain is N15,000 at DomainKing.NG. This means that you can save thousands of Naira if you register domain name with DomainKing.NG before 31st Jan. 2016 with this offer.


DomainKing.NG is a NIRA accredited registrar and are well known for their amazing promos & services in domains and web hosting. They debuted in Nigeria in October 2014, with their .com for N499 offer and since then they have become a popular choice for businesses & bloggers looking to get their websites online.

This promo is yet another initiative by DomainKing.NG to offer .NG domains to businesses & individuals.

According to DomainKing.NG’s CEO Karan Singh “Nigeria is growing rapidly and so is its online industry. More and more startups are coming online everyday. And by accelerating the adoption and use of .NG domains, we believe that we can bring even more businesses online.”

According to the latest NIRA stats, there are over 60,000 total NG domains registered with 20,324 new domain names registered in 2015. This is a marginal number when compared with other CCTLDs and gTLD registries. But this is also a great opportunity for anyone to register the name of your choice.

“NG domain has a vast opportunity that can add value to your business if done right. It can tell your visitor/audience and Google that you are local business. Since, businesses are becoming more and more local everyday, so is Google. As people prefer to buy things from their local trusted stores where they can pay conveniently in their local currencies rather than choosing some store without any business in their country. For the same reason many big websites create their local websites using local cctlds like .ng, .cn, .in, .uk etc.” explains Singh.

So how important is .NG Domain for your Next Big Business? And why should you decide to go for .NG domain?

.NG Domain Names are perfect for Nigerian Startups & Online Businesses:

I have seen a lot of people ask me about why should they register a .NG domain namewhen you can buy a .com domain at much more affordable price. The simple answer is:

.NG domain is short, brandable, easily available & you can start your next big thing on your cool .NG domain rather than a long .com domain. With memorable .com domain names becoming harder to find, .NG domain is perfect for any Nigerian business looking to establish their online brand & reputation. You can be a Startup, a business owner, a  blogger, an entertainment website, or just about anyone, .NG domain can give your brand the right online presence that you deserve.

Many hot Nigerian startups like Hotels.NG, Supermart.NG, Showroom.NG, Pass.NG and so many others are now choosing NG domains for their business because of its brand-ability. Also, big Internet Websites, blogs & News websites in Nigeria including Media24, Pulse, OLX, Jumia, Slot & so many others are using .NG domains for their businesses in Nigeria.

And when you register your .NG domain with DomainKing.NG you will get a lot more that just a domain name. With DomainKing.NG you will get a complete package of over N10,000 worth of free services to help your business expand

Here are some of free tools that DomainKing.NG offers with every domain that you register or transfer to them:

1) Free DNS Management for blogger integration & Google Apps Integration & to do lots more..

2) Free Email Accounts for your business or personal use like: you@yourbusiness.ng or you@yourcoolname.ng

3) Free Email Forwarding to forward custom emails on your domain to any other email. For example you can forward your emails sent to you@yourbusiness.ng to your gmail, yahoomail email or any other email.

4) Free Domain Forwarding to park and redirect your website to another website or social media pages like Facebook or Linkedin.

5) Complete Control of your domain name.

And lots of other free features to help your business grow.

Whether you are a startup or a business looking to gain more business by going online, .NG domain name can definitely offer you an advantage on the internet. And by registering your .NG domain with DomainKing.NG you will get even bigger advantage of their great support & the control they offer to you of your domain.

So visit DomainKing.NG to register your .NG domain today & also find out in what other ways DomainKing.NG can help your business.

…and we’ll live purplly ever after.

Culled from www.techcabal.com


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