Another year, another complaint, another defective product, another bad customer service and another inefficiency.

It does seem easy to point out the shortcomings of startups or even established companies in Nigeria, but the truth cannot be ignored if we know product/service delivery can be better.

Upon resumption today at the kitchenette, a fellow workspace user (who had heard about my service issues with Jumia last year) inquired from me if Jumia eventually resolved my last year ‘scam’ complaint. I wasn’t so delighted to tell her that they replaced the device with another same model, except that they forced an awkward color on me (I was given a white replacement, when I initially bought a black model).


She shocked me with the story of the TV she had bought through Jumia in December 2015, and had only installed the TV Two weeks ago, only to discover a new ‘black-out’ regime with the product. Jumia again!!!

As a Business Process Consultant I can only be disgusted by the neglect of Jumia to improve on their service delivery since launch.

It definitely cannot be ‘rocket-science’ to identify these problems and get them resolved, and I hope the problem ain’t the Devil (‘cos that is one heck of a problem) – lol.


Jumia and its other likes leveraging on IT platforms are somewhat a disgrace to customer satisfaction. Mind you, I do not mean that in terms of service offerings, but as regards service delivery.


Service delivery is why the likes of Toyota, Samsung and even Google are massive profitable  and productive companies. This is because all big corporations or startups have identified service delivery as a process and have hired experts to help them set-up and kickstart relatively ‘successful’ processes.

In Nigeria, Areedi –  a management consulting company is helping small and medium firms that basically can’t afford McKinsey/PWC/KPMG price quotes to help provide a ‘turn-around’ strategy for process improvement.

No more excuses, we all know Jumia doesn’t make the defective products but it is possible for such items to run in fear when they hear the name: Jumia!


…and we’ll live purplly ever after.



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