Hmm!?!… Even I can’t deny being confused a little. The drama that comes with the dialogue on poverty is eating deep into our Nigerian society. More individuals are becoming ignorant of making right choices and are constantly making imbecilic decisions that reminds someone like me, of how infamous Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge (Esau from the Bible). We literally hand over our liberties and willpower to politicians and alikes, who are dedicated to rip us off of all our entitlements.

We are the dream! Source or Sauce? You find and use both. The way out of the poverty dilemma in Africa, especially in Nigeria is the “enlightenment of a majority”.

Are you tired of poverty? 1stly, outline what you want.

I am tired of complaining of what is not working in my environment. I can’t stand seeing young kids [including teens] being unable to communicate ‘common sense’ – talk on issues that are relevant to an individual’s development. So instead of waiting on the government to reopen our public libraries or give us educational resources – I am planting libraries on the streets.

Try a random sampling and talk with 5 young people on developmental issues, I bet you would be shocked to discover that 60% or more of whatever they know is based on misinformation from entertainment and gossip platforms (which means, most of what they know is not based on fact). You will be most intrigued when you talk on issues bordering on ‘legacy’ and you will probably find 2 out of 5 of your respondents having an understanding of what you were really talking about.

It’s even worse that many of our young adults have newly graduated from the same school of ignorance as many of our today’s kids [without good knowledge to make right decisions].

2ndly, discover the source to which what you want can be gained.

If you need good food [for free], i recommend you add a cook to your friends list, or better still volunteer at a soup kitchen or restaurant. If I were to be in need of friends in the entrepreneurship world, I would simply need to be attending lots of enterprise-related events – ’cause i will stand a better chance of hearing from and meeting with top entrepreneurs at such events, without the latter being scared to network.

Lastly, now that you’ve discovered the source you require, for now, let’s go get the sauce too.

The sauce is ‘what you are selling’. People are always drawn to a good sauce, especially hungry people.

Once you have discovered the source to achieving your goals, you need keep yourself sustained in there, till you honestly need to move on.

Just like cooking a good sauce, you will need lots of experimenting while you try become an irresistible sauce. You need open yourself to fair/constructive criticisms and often reflect on every decision you make and even the ones made by people around you.

Nigeria can be free from poverty, if me and you first get out of poverty and take ownership of our environment.

…and we’ll live purplly ever after.



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