Watching a TEDxMileHigh Video of Teju Ravilochan, the CEO of Unreasonable Institute recently opened my eyes to a startling reality of why there are so few innovation developers or game-changing entrepreneurs from Africa.

He (Teju) told a random story of how he tried asking a beautiful coursemate out to a date but got a politely packaged denial. Yea right! I guess nothing is striking about that; until he then mentioned that he learnt a valuable lesson: it is impossible to TRY something seeming impossible. Moreover, he survived the whole experience even after been rejected.

While watching his video, I quickly remembered the Colonel Sanders of KFC story – of how the founder at the age of 65 tried selling his special sauce recipe to restaurants and shop owners and eventually got rejected “1009”, except once. And that one time was the ‘beginning of a new dawn’ for that “should-be-retiring” old man. He sure wasn’t the richest man of his time, but he laid down a legacy since 1964.

Various successful entrepreneurs and game-changers of our time can relate to the Colonel’s story. Many tried and got rejected, but ultimately they never stopped trying till they got that ‘nod’ once.

This year, on June 6 – 10 to be precise, a couple of young inspired business individuals from different professional spheres are launching the 1st Unreasonable Lab in Nigeria. With support from its global parent arm, the Unreasonable Institute, several aspiring and existing entrepreneurs are going to be afforded the opportunity of “leapfrogging” their enterprise endeavors to the ultimate level.

The Unreasonable Labs NG team is daring all Nigerian entrepreneurs this year. They are also willing to help with investment preparedness and mentorship support through a 5-days business investment preparedness retreat. So far, their goal is to prompt innovation developers to try kickstart ‘that idea’ and also invite business leaders to ‘sow seeds’ of hope into selected ideas and their initiators.

Without a doubt, I am certain that no one can make an “unknown” thing become “known” without ever trying to do so. The Unreasonable Lab Nigeria (powered by the Unreasonable Institute) will attempt at changing the enterprise status quo in Nigeria by taking on daring youths purposed to redefine the socio-economic landscape of Nigeria.

It is best advised that whatever positive you might find your mind and hands to do, please do it and don’t hold back. Trying out something even when it fails, always helps to bring an entrepreneur a lot more closer to their ‘purposed’ destination. Try visit the Unreasonable Labs Nigeria event in June, 2016 and let’s get paid.

…And we’ll live purplly ever after.

Credit: Unreasonable Labs Nigeria; Yourstory; TEDxMileHigh & Teju Ravilochan



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