Finally, petrol prices in Nigeria (my beloved country) is now pegged at 145 Naira/Litre, and there goes another national labour strike action.

The current global economic instability is shaking everyone, everywhere. The impending American elections isn’t making it easier for global investors too. Oil prices are still bleeding, without any hope for restoration and Africa – the mother of most valuable resources (both human and material) is now a playground for dummy leaders who have not the slightest idea of how they can arbitrarily break away from the chain of under-development, blinding-corruption, social savagery and enterprise poverty.


Simply put, for every business man or woman out there – things are tough. But like the colloquial statement I grew up listening to, “when the going get tough, the tough gets going”. tough times makes tough people


It can be very disappointing that a country with over 170 million Citizens (imagine the number when you count the foreigners too) and a country infamous for being the most populous black nation on earth, cannot even brag of a modern-day train (one as fast as a bullet).


Instead, Citizens are encouraged to grapple with poor power supply, zero-pump water, tomato shortages, high petrol prices, kerosene scarcity,  incessant traffic on major highways/roads, non-persecuted corrupt government officials, non-investigated profile murders, political gluttony, abuse of power etc. and yet be inspired to pay taxes, obey civil laws, address a government official by his/her office title, and worst of all, to not go on public demonstrations.


It’s either the world is crazy or something else!


#EnoughIsEnough If we truly want to survive in this country, we the Citizens – young and old have to become RESPONSIBLE.

By being “responsible”, I mean we need to take separate deliberate actions that embodies the collective. That is to say that for us to improve our well-being, and become powerful enough to even oust corrupt and/or abusive government officials, we are going to need to help each other out and cut costs.


Lazy entrepreneurs are not needed in this kind of economy, but creative ones. Nigeria, which is the subject of discussion needs to build an economic community of people creating, distributing and consuming value in the most cost effective way – this will lead us to give birth to true innovations that can be our breakthrough solutions to the ends of the earth.


In other words, I am chosen to offer my services to clients even in a cheaper way and I charge them less now. This has made customers to bring in more jobs or provide free marketing services. Innovation not Exploitation is the only solution to Africa’s myriad of problems. Join me to save yourself, your country and your world – Go Zero!


…and we’ll live purplly ever after.




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