Yikes! One-Customer? Seriously!

Have you ever wondered why your sales seems to be dipping? Do you know why your product/idea is not garnering higher interest as expected?  Well, you probably weren’t selling your product to who needed it most.

The only one thing that annoys any customer more than bad customer service is a plain assumption that all customers are the same. No one or two customer is the same. 

For example, identical twins of Mary and Martha see an online ad of an ice cream and everyone assumes that they both just want to enjoy eating the ice cream once they find it for the obvious reason: the ice cream is well served with awesome toppings. Surprisingly, we conduct a short survey to both Mary and Martha to know why they both had to buy the ice cream and we find out that both identical sisters are worlds apart.

So we discover, Mary is a sucker for anything sugar and lovely so upon seeing the ice cream she had to have it; while Martha had just closed work after a long Friday and upon seeing the ice cream it seemed like perfect reward for job well done.

Interestingly, both customers buy an ice cream for pleasure but understanding the different motivations is key for any smart business to note. Mary = fancy, while Martha = reward. 

Businesses can no longer afford to be lazy about customer data analytics and customer adoption research. Since a business cannot legally know trade secrets or product details of its competitors then it is important to openly discover so many truths about prospective customers. And that’s the edge.

An infamous bank in Nigeria once ran an ad compaign stating that it was going to be the one-customer bank, which I find ridiculous. There is no way any business can have all their users or customers from one market segment.

Smart brands try to know every customer and then try find those that are important to them [from wherever they are hiding]. These brands think of how to better improve the patronage levels of the segments with lower adoption rates, while their core target audience enjoys slightly improved service delivery based on their feedback results.

But I repeat, there is just no one customer for your business to win big; instead nature has made it so that you will need to know the core needs of those patronising your offers (either by actual purchases or by recommendations) and ensure you properly cater to those needs independently.

And we’ll live purplly ever after.


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