Did you know Kick-starters are also humans – capable of loving and getting their hearts broken? If you did not know, please scroll down to find out more.

X-Lover pic.jpg

I had recently stumbled on a rather harsh reality, of how “true love” (though subjective) can help any so-called genius with a ‘mental balance’, then this motivated me to reach out to my Ex- (of whom I had planned to marry, until I realized her love immaturity and selfishness, so I called it off).

Sadly, her new reply to my proposal once-again proved my thoughts on how much she really loved and believed in me, rather than my pay check. By the way, she said: “No”.

In whatever way you are going to see it, people move on in life – maybe for some right or wrong reasons, and my dear that’s life!

Great thing about this experience is, being broke motivates to succeed large in life, but being heart-broken motivates more better.

Ask Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, J.K. Rowling, Adele and other successful people about how a failed relationship can boost your success capacity and drive anyone to desire greatness, especially if the person in question was the one left hanging.

Rejection is powerful. Either you are being sacked from work or your idea is being laughed at as being impossible, these ‘not-a-biggie’ issues can help budding kick-starters become the greatest achievers in life.

  • An iconic book author once received 30 rejections for a thriller manuscript, which finally made the author to give up and throw it in the trash. Until it was fished out by the spouse, who encouraged the author to resubmit it, and that’s how the world heralded “Stephen King” – now having hundreds of books published and the distinction of being one of the best-selling authors of all time.

My recent heart-break as inspired me to address other issues budding entrepreneurs face when it comes to ‘corporate heart-breaks’. Some people get heart-broken by best friends, business partners or role models. Some kick-starters have gotten their ideas stolen or their trust tossed out or a simple case of having your unfathomable [next-big-thing] idea being rejected point-blank.

Prolific best-selling author, Bishop T.D. Jakes advises that there are three types of relationships in life and early spotting of who certain people around you are can save you from future heart-breaks. These are the types below:

  1. Comrade: They are team players. This person will pat you on the back, cry with you when you lose, party like it’s a new year if you win but will leave you once his or her agreed assignment with you is accomplished. He/She is a rebel on a cause that you push, and once you leave that cause, He/She leaves too.
  2. Constituent: They are everywhere. This person is nice to you, likes your swag, your bank account status and other external things that compliment you, but sadly does not care about your vision if it will not ‘open the doors of  paradise’ to him/her.
  3. Confidant: They are rare. This person is not self-seeking and likes you for your ‘crazy’ self. He/She will always try to improve you and tell you things others would not dare tell you in a blunt but caring way.  He/She listens to your vision and will always try to contribute to make it work out your way.


As for me, I am using this heart-break as a motivation to kick-start those ‘unfathomable’ ideas that my Ex- did not support and I hope it will lead me to the peak of unimaginable fulfillment.

…And we’ll live purplly ever after.


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