ONE IDEA IS ENOUGH: FROM #cchubsocialchangesummit

cropped-glowing-jars-paragraph-2.jpgLucky me, I woke up as early as I could after a tough evening of June 21. The skies were lit with a sort of freshness that would inspire any daring kickstarter that the world was theirs to conquer.

Some part of me was forgetful of the disappointment that my current employer could not grant me a full-day’s work leave so as to join a teeming crowd of kick starters, venture capitalists, social impact enthusiasts, enterprise driven personalities at the Annual Social Change Summit hosted by Co-Creation Hub, otherwise known as the “CCHUB”.

The Altar, Lagos Social Change Summit 2015,

Quick flashback, we at purplly will like to appreciate cchub for their inspirational efforts over the years to push a positive cause for entrepreneurship and social development. The “Purplly” concept owes its birth to the Social change Summit by cchub, which was first organized in 2015.


This year on the 22nd of June, 2017, the 3rd edition of the Social Change Summit was held at Federal Palace, Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. The Theme of the summit was: “How might we connect more Africans to more opportunities to move up the socio-economic ladder?”.

Interesting keynotes speakers were: Mr. Stephen King (Partner, Omidyar Network) and Ali Baba Akpobome,The Stand-up Comedian. ( And I must tell you that Ali Baba is more of a deep progressive speaker than you can imagine).

I actually thought I would only be able to attend the first part of the event, until I got a shocking news at work upon my return that gave me room to return to the said venue and continue in the amazing knowledge-sharing experience.


So what were the lessons learned?  

Africa is ripe for growth, but none of us (Africans) are consciously activating the elements to kick start a progressive evolution of development. There are so many start ups and entrepreneurs who are busy chasing grants but not purpose, Awards and not impact, profit and not value.

For example, there are lots of New breed African Entrepreneurs buzzing about with cool words like: ‘fin-tech’, ‘Ai’, ‘ecosystem’, ‘hubs’, ‘sharing-economy’, ‘same-day deliveries’, ‘on-demand’, etc. , while none of these same have come to terms with the reality that a “house without a solid foundation, is but a passing fad”.


At the social change summit this year, I was fortunate to sit amidst persons from two interesting enterprise collaborative companies, one being Outrepreneurs (a startup focused media company) and the other being, Union bank (Nigeria’s foremost banking institution).

This year I am inspired to begin a radical discovery for understanding. I truly believe that before all the ‘cool apps’ that the world desires that truly make impact to African societies, we (the kick starters) must develop a paradigm/template for future kick starters to build their ONE idea on. Hence, the reason why I have decided to partner with an illustrious educational institution in Nigeria to help budding startup kick starters with startup hacking resources. I will definitely be working with a host of global partners in key sectors to make this an global institute.


For this project, we are planning to start small, so no Noise!  You might also be asking [in your minds], what happens to my current job? I plan to hold on to it as long as I can, hence the reason why I would be doing  this new project with a community of social impact enthusiasts I have once approach on this Idea.

The project will aim at helping every young potential Kick Starter realize the “interconnected power dots within every ONE idea” through a Zero-growth strategy (quite similar to lean startup strategy).


Till next time, take a leap of progress.

And we’ll live purplly ever after.


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